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I ordered my monthly supplies on August 26, 2016. I had 4 colostomy bags left. Today is September 14, 2016 and i still have no bags. I am using a friend's husbands urostomy bags!

I have spoke to 7 people, all giving me different answers. All telling me it's my responsibility to get the insurance to pay, call the insurance company for an approval number, It will be there in 3 days, within 24 to 48 hours, (that one was last Friday, it's Thursday! of the next week.

Just now I was told I have medicare and it is handled differently, along with my own insurance. They have to call the doctor for approval!

I spent 2, yes 2 months getting letters from two doctors, a prescription for my supplies because I have complications and require about 30 to 35 bags a month.

Every month I have to fight for supplies. I spoke to three people today, NOT ONE KNEW WHO THEIR CEO IS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Edgepark Medical Supplies Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #1341766

I tryed to order omnipods and they wanted me to pay the bill my insurance didnt pay. I asked them if i get a confirmation so i know if im getting the pods or not.

The lady rudely told me no. Then after an argument she says i get a conformation when its shipped. Duh thats all i wanted to hear. Then she started to say have a nice day like she was going to hang up without asking me if she could help me any more.

You guys have no compation or patience.

If there was any other place i could get these supplies i would but im stuck working with idiots. I hope you read these, but i highly doubt you do.

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1226911

I deal with the exact same thing! I'm a ileostomy patient and my supplies was suppose to arrive around Oct 1-10 NO supplies because the orders just disappear EVEN with confirmation numbers!

My Dr has faxed them prescriptions for ostomy supplies because they said I needed a prescription then I was told THEY fax the Dr for permission, THEN I was told my insurance was denying it. I called on 3 way with my insurance and my insurance lady assured them they willingly pay for ALL of my supplies. Dorothy at Edgepark told her it was different in their system. What the H*LL?!

I'm down to TWO pouches, no paste of any kind and I've literally started drinking gatoraide to keep my pouch useable. Since my surgery on Jan 24, 2016 I have lost 43lbs mostly caused by Edge Park and their failure to send products due to ignorance with medical supplies/process, laziness, no organization period and their lack of CARING for their patients who PROVIDE them THEIR PAYCHECK! Their not us sitting with skin breakdown, infections and the mental h*ll we face due to these issues! My boyfriend finally found a compounding pharmacy that sold ostomy supplies, not the kind I'm use to, but he paid out of pocket for 5 pouches, wafers and paste $160.

I lost one whole system because my stoma was so backed up and inflamed that when I did get it completely cleaned and ready to put on I had a gushing-shooting across the room blow out which made that wafer/pouch useless. I had to take another shower and my boyfriend had to help me and finally after 8 towels we were able to secure it and thank GOD I had a few barrier strips in my emergency bag. So far so good but I'm down to 3 pouches and they just faxed my Dr yesterday. Then for them to ship it which is GOD only knows when!

I may get my supplies before November, looks doubtful though!! So, I completely and utterly know how you feel. This is BS and we shouldn't have to put up with customer care as low as this. At this rate you and I both may have to duct tape a hefty bag around our waist's.

I hope you get supplies soon. Lots of love.

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