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My name is James Galyon and I am seeking an attorney for a class action against Edgepark over two different issues. Our insurance approved a new insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor(CGM) for my wife.

The order was sent to Edgepark, but Edgepark refused to deliver the system unless I first paid $500, which Edgepark claimed I still owed for the our-of-pocket cost on our insurance. I told Edgepark the out-of-pocket was already satisfied, I owed Edgepark nothing, but they still refused to ship my wife's medical equipment. I was told that if it was later found that the out -of-pocket was satisfied, we would be refunded the $500. We were very poor and did not have the $500 and my wife was in desperate need of her medical equipment which totaled over $10,000 which was already paid in full by the insurance.

At the time Animas, the company who made the insulin pump was offering a $500 rebate for any trade in pump. Edgepark said I could either send them $500 or my wife's insulin pump...but I did not want to send the old pump till we received the new one. To solve this Edgepark sent me a form that I had to sign promising to send in my wife's pump within 30 days of receiving the new equipment, or my credit card would be charged $500. After receiving the new equipment, I sent the old pump to Edgepark the next day.

Two weeks later, while talking to the insurance company, I confirmed not only that my out-of-pocket had been satisfied, but with my plan, there was no out-of-pocket owed on durable medical goods a.k.a. the insulin pump and CGM. I never owed then anything at any time. I called Edgepark and they agreed that I did not need to pay anything and did not need to send in the pump which they had demanded or $500.

I asked for the pump to be returned and they said it had been destroyed. They said they turn the returned pumps over to Animas who pays them up to $500 to cover the out-of-pocket expenses, but since I did not owe them, Animas gave them nothing! I then told then they owed me nothing because the pump had no value. I could have used the pump as a back up or traded it in at a later date for at least $500 off a new pump.

I complained to them numerous time, but was turned down every time. More recently they notified me on August 11, 2017 that I needed to contact them to confirm a order that would be shipped out on August 24, 2017. I called and confirmed the order, but it was never shipped. On September 6, 2017, two weeks after the promised ship date, I was notified that the order had been put on hold because one of the several items in the order needed a doctors approval.

They knew back on August that the order was shipping on the 24th and did nothing to contact the doctor then. They waited two weeks after the ship date to even start the process...and now my wife is having to ration her supplies and use syringes instead of her pump and CGM. This is causing her blood sugars to go over 400 and damaging her body because Edgepark is not shipping out our supplies on time. We hold them 100% responsible for her health.

Edgepark has done this on several other occasions. Their answer was to move the deliver date on all the supplies to weeks later so it would not be late! THIS IS ***! That means my wife doesn't get her supplies where she is supposed to just so Edgepark can look like they are shipping on time.

We need a lawyer to help fast!

Today is September 12 and still no supplies have arrived. Contact me at 2814631302.

Product or Service Mentioned: Edgepark Medical Supplies Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: You owe us $500, our supplies, payment for pain and suffering..

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I would sign on to a suit in a minute. I have fought with them consistently.

I have always been a month past the shipping of supplies. I actually got a call from a rep.

(not just the losers that answer the phones regularly) and she admitted they got in over their heads. I am so mad now it's my mission to sue the *** out of them.


This is the worst company ever and I’d be in for a class action against them. They’re literally holding my sensors hostage because of some months old insurance squabble.


After 3 years with there ripoff ways first went through the BBB, that didn't work. So filed with the state attorney general.

Problem taken care of. I strongly advise to stay far away from this so called company!!


This is even worse than I thought. They should be dropped as any kind of Medicare supplier.

And we'll sign on for any kind of class action suit.

Also, has anyone contacted ARRP? Not that I expect them to domuch, but they should get copies of all these letters


I am also looking for a lawyer for a medical lawsuit against this company . They have been toying with me saying that my doctors office isn't sending them my prescription by fax while I WAS STANDING THERE IN THE OFFICE MULTIPLE TIMES WHEN THEY FAX IT OVER TO THEM !

This issue has happened to be before when the company was called Liberty Medical (now called EdgePark ) .

I am fed up with this and this should not be happening especially with patients with lives depending on these supplies . I am searching for a lawyer currently and will contact you once I find a lawyer .

to Anonymous #1413961

I hope you find a good one because I have had about the same issue. Most inept, incompetent people ever.

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