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I thought I was alone.I believe we should all serve edgepark w/ a lawsuit.

I am a ileostomy patient. Every month I have to call them because they have my very initial order as "the order for that month" I've asked several times to remove it. Their answer "We can't." Every month I am stuck trying to wear my pouches for as long as possible. Doing so causes severe skin breakdown.

I called last month in Sept placed my order received a email verification that my order was complete. I checked the next day and there was a problem so I called. They said I needed a "Prior Authorization/Prescription" from my Dr to order the supplies. So I called my Dr gave his nurse every single item# and the Dr signed off on it.

I called Edge park they said they received the fax from the office and all was well. The person on the phone said that I'd receive my shipment Oct 1 thru 10. No shipment. I get online today and they said everything was denied.

I get on there redo my entire order submit and it was taken. I called this time and asked if they got it and they did. THEN the call center lady says "oh no somethings wrong let me speak to billing." She comes back on the line from billing and says "Billing said you have to call your insurance bc their denying it." I call my insurance and my insurance said they don't deny anything, that everything is paid for. So she called edge park on 3 way with me.

45 minutes on hold waiting on billing I was educating her on ileostomy's and the fact I've cut down eating to preserve my pouches. Finally the operator came on "Dorothy" was her name. She states that I got my order but cancelled and if I didn't want it I should have returned it in Feb. My insurance says mam its October.

EPark says "I know, but she cancelled it." I told her I never cancelled it and she said she notified me I never got any cancelled orders or emails. She then said that my order in Sept never went through then I started giving her the confirmation codes that it had been accepted she denied it was ever on her computer. She also denied my dr never faxed anything when I KNOW he did I have proof! She then tells my insurance and I that EDGEPARK has to fax the dr a order have them 'O-k" it and fax it back it takes up to 48hours.

My insurance asked why it wasn't done in September she stated because they never got the order (WHEN THEY DID) My insurance asked her would she fax the paperwork immediately and get this started "Dorothy" said she would and then my insurance asked could she help me with a few supplies until this works out. "Dorothy" said she could and said she would send me a pouch and I asked about stoma paste Dorothy said "No" when my insurance asked how many pouches could I get Dorothy said "One." I called my Dr left a message with them they said they would be on the lookout for the Edgepark fax--still no fax. Then I went to log on to my Edge park account and guess what?


What am I to do now?These people are the lowest of *** who has been accused of bait and switch with several other patients and there's a billion other stories like this out there from this good for nothing company probably committing fraud with our insurance companies!!!

This reviewer shared experience about "its like dealing with a garage company! " and wants this business to "go out of business! you have zero compassion for your patients who wait monthly for these life living products and you don"t care! period!! show me a company that can deliver and not make constant excuses, screwups, lies and coverups!". pissedsouthernwoman is overall dissatisfied with Edgepark Medical Supplies and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about edgepark medical supplies shipping service at Edgepark Medical Supplies was denying, blaming it on the patient and lack of communication Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Middletown Township, New Jersey, United States #1320660

I also have gone through basically the same thing with my urinary supplies and have been to the hospital twice due to their constant neglegence im speaking to lawyers now to sue lets get together 7326703323


I have used them for over fifteen years and never had a problem. The billing is a joke but I never seemed to be penalized from it. They constantly try to get me on their automatic replenishment and I also laugh and say "NO".

to Anonymous Middletown Township, New Jersey, United States #1320664

Garbage, these people are destroying peoples lives and health. They are leaches who have no concern for anyone just profits ,they should be wiped off the face of the planet all of them

Evansville, Indiana, United States #1269835

Something similar has happened to us.My daughter gets her insulin pump supplies from EdgePark (only company we can use) and I placed an order 12/11/2016.

After 13 calls to insurance, MD, and EdgePark, we still have 0 supplies on 1/12/2017.

Used the last set 3 days ago, 1 day left and then no way to give her insulin.They are the worst!!!

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